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1 January 2021 No Comments By Sunny

We are extremely proud to announce the release of 3 brand new fragrances by MY.ORGANICS 

The bouquet  Tobacco. Elegant and refined, it is one of the most intense ingredients among those that can be found in a perfume. Suitable for both men and wome, it lends itself to many interpretations and is able to tell about exotic and distant places. Typically it is a perfect olfactory note in autumn and winter. Oud. Precious agar wood, widely used in the United Arab Emirates. Also often called agarwood, its fragrance is rich and complex and varies between sweet, balsamic, earthy and spicy characteristics. The 3 brand new fragrances are inspired by the romantic sunsets that only a city like Venice can offer, for a warm and enveloping atmosphere.


SWEET TOBACCO A warm and decisive fragrance of tobacco intertwined with the sweet notes of vanilla beans. Elegant black sticks spread in the environment the scent of a history of tradition and luxury.


OUD AND TOBACCO Made by combining oud and tobacco, it releases a rare, ethereal and refined scent. The fragrance of oud wood evokes persuasive oriental atmospheres and strong smells.


DRY TOBACCO Elegant and refined, it tells of exotic and distant places. A perfect olfactory note in autumn and winter thanks to the notes of ginger and cinnamon.