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15 May 2021 No Comments By Sunny

The first fully digital event of the year

Over the last few months we have had to change and evolve, to adapt to a whole new reality, which has not allowed us to take part in the usual appointments of the year together. But in 2021 we didn’t want to stay away: this is why MY.ORGANICS has become digital!

The first MY.ORGANICS DIGITAL EVENT was held on May 17th

The event was organized in collaboration with the staff of MY.TEAM ACADEMY which represents the heart of the MY.ORGANICS philosophy. MY.TEAM gives experiences of growth and sharing, supports the salons affiliated with the brand every day. The contribution of stylists and technicians of the sector at an international level is structured in a real method which, through training, coaching and demonstration shows, allows the potential of professionals working in the salon to be raised to the highest levels. A unique location, which reflects the GREEN soul of the brand, hosted the event, broadcast in streaming in 22 countries: Paghera Green Events. A perfect plant theater in which to present the new MY.ORGANICS branded products of 2021 and the hairstyling trends of the year, made live by our hairdressers.

The first MY.ORGANICS digital event was a success!

We are really happy and satisfied, despite the distance we felt the warmth of your presence. A special thanks to MY.TEAM ACADEMY, their contribution allows each year to raise the potential of MY.ORGANICS affiliated professionals working in the salon to the highest levels.

Thanks to everyone who participated!